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Jack Galle

Outreach Coordinator


Jack Galle serves as the Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana Appleseed. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, he moved to New Orleans in 2018 to study Political Economy and Public Health, earning his BA in 2022. Although aware of the historical and contemporary issues affecting the state, he hopes to use his time at Appleseed to give back to a place which has welcomed him with open arms. 


Louisiana Appleseed


Louisiana Appleseed is part of a national network of 17 public interest law centers across North America. The first Appleseed office was founded in 1993 by members of the Harvard Law School Class of 1958. It was established as a nonprofit dedicated to help organize, establish, and guide a network of public interest law centers throughout the country. Louisiana Appleseed is continuing in this network of community-based innovation. Louisiana Appleseed was founded in 1997 and reconstituted in January 2007, when the law firm Adams and Reese joined with Appleseed and ConocoPhillips to re-open the Louisiana Center. Since then, Louisiana Appleseed has proven itself as an effective advocacy organization that promotes systemic change that assists vulnerable populations.

Louisiana Appleseed is the only organization of its kind in Louisiana. Our volunteers use their unique skill sets to work closely with direct legal services, government agencies, and other nonprofits to identify and solve our state’s most challenging issues. We often collaborate with community partners to provide research, advocacy, and policy-oriented solutions to enhance their direct services.







Outreach and Technology Coordinators (2)

Application Deadline: June 6, 2023

Apply via Serve Louisiana here:

Apply via Avodah Jewish Service Corp here:

Please do not send emails or applications directly to Louisiana Appleseed. Applicants MUST go through the above mentioned organizations to be considered.

The Outreach and Technology Coordinator will be responsible for cultivating and stewarding partnerships, creating and distributing outward-facing communications on Appleseed programs, and making recommendations for technologies that improve efficient internal systems. The Coordinator will gather needs from colleagues, staff, and existing partners and integrate new ideas to expand Appleseed’s mission and goals. Program needs may include conducting presentations on Appleseed’s programs, assisting with client intake at events, or following up on leads for potential partners across the state. It will require some cold-calls to possible partners and relaying the information to the full staff and strategizing ideal partnerships for maximum programmatic impact. To reach new audiences, the Coordinator will also identify, initiate, and execute social media campaigns, and press opportunities. The Coordinator will also assess organization’s current use of technology and make recommendations for more efficient systems as they may arise. The Coordinator should take every opportunity to creatively publicize Appleseed’s programs with a goal of expanding Appleseed’s partners.

The ideal partner will help Appleseed reach 3 goals.

Goal 1: Introduce and promote Louisiana Appleseed programming.​

Goal 2: Identify primary and secondary program partners for each program area.​

Goal 3: Devise a strategy for continued grassroots/tops engagement with primary and secondary audiences to achieve policy-level solutions.

Key performance indicators (KPI) will be mutually agreed upon with the corp member once the member has an understanding of their role and Appleseed’s programming. KPI may include quantifiable figures for the following.

  • # Partners created (increase/decrease)

  • # Partners contacted over time (graph)

  • # Community education events coordinated

  • # People reached through social media

  • # Press releases published

  • # Media spots secured

  • # Individuals connected to legal services

  • # Testimonials collected for mass distribution

  • # Newsletters published


The corp member may also be evaluated based on qualitative measurements of the following.

  • Alignment of missions or activities with new partners

  • Quality of strategic planning throughout the year

  • Innovative contributions to outreach efforts

  • Depth of partnerships (eg joint social media posts versus joint event creation)


Essential Functions of Position/Tasks and activities

  • Conduct phone calls and informational interviews with potential partners.

  • Evaluate the potential for programmatic partnerships.

  • Communicate with staff on outreach efforts.

  • Track outreach efforts using excel or constituent relationship management (CRM) system.

  • Provide meaningful feedback on sundry technologies used by staff and make recommendations for improvements, as may be needed.

  • Create social media campaigns on individual issues and strategize a yearlong effort.

  • Draft press releases on organizational activities.

  • Conduct presentations to public audiences on Appleseed programming goals.

  • Conduct intake for potential clients for existing legal aid partners.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Commitment to Louisiana Appleseed’s mission and approach to the work.

  • Commitment to social justice issues and apply this dedication to project work.

  • Knowledge of basic office software, including word, excel, and power point.

  • Willingness to learn or improve upon use of online software programs such as,,, and others.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to work as a team member comprised of attorneys, post-doctoral professionals, law

  • clerks, and business professionals.

  • Ability to generate innovative and fresh ideas.

  • Ability to build and maintain effective professional partnerships with organizations of varying

  • sizes, and directly impacted individuals.

  • Willingness to undertake issues of a diverse nature to see projects through to completion.

  • Ability to work effectively with the leadership of Louisiana Appleseed, including the Executive

  • Director, Board of Directors, and project partners.

  • Ability to interact with people at all levels, maintain confidentiality, and handle detail with

  • accuracy.

  • Ability to function under pressure and meet deadlines.

College diploma or equivalent required. Applicants may substitute experience and work history.

Louisiana Appleseed is committed to affording equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, union affiliation or veteran status. This policy applies to all personnel action including recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, termination and recreational and social programs. Louisiana Appleseed believes that employees have a right to work in an environment free from harassment based upon the employee’s race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, union affiliation or veteran status.

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