Appleseed Network Response

Appleseed Network: Capitol Attack Requires Accountability and Reform

January 14, 2021 - The white supremacy-fueled insurrection at the United States Capitol Building last week was a horrifying reminder of the hard work we have ahead. The Appleseed Network is dedicated to dismantling racism, advancing democracy and the rule of law, and building a more just society, now and for future generations.

​We have a long way to go. The shattered rooms at the Capitol must not become symbols of shattered hope, but rather a call for us to recommit ourselves to the hard work of justice and equality. We must respond to the violent, racist attack with accountability and reforms, including ending voter suppression laws, reforming our criminal justice systems, integrating our schools, stopping the school-to-prison pipeline, and recognizing full voting rights for DC residents. The scenes at the Capitol – racist and anti-Semitic symbols wielded by an armed and violent mob