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Heirs' Property Interview Project

What happens when families cannot or do not resolve heirs' property matters?

Legal Partners:

Louisiana Bar Foundation

Community Partners:

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services


Louisiana Appleseed has been consistently pursuing matters of heirs' property throughout the state since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In doing this work, Appleseed has gained thoughtful insight into how familial property and land become heirs' property and the ensuing effects of fractionated ownership. Louisiana Appleseed is conducting interviews with Louisiana residents who have family property that is owned by multiple family member and either (a) do not have a will or estate plan in place or (b) have declined legal services to resolve the title issues related to the family property. 

There are many reasons property owners choose not to pursue legal remedies and we at Louisiana Appleseed would like to learn more. We are seeking participants to share their experiences with heirs' property resolution. If you own familial property, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Ifeyinwa Davis at or call 504-596-9024 to share your story. 

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