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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

A handbook that provides information about mental health law to the legal community.

Law Firm Partners

Adams and Reese, LLP

Community Partners

Louisiana Justice Coalition

Louisiana Public Defender Board

Loyola School of Law

LSU School of Social Work

Texas Appleseed

Tulane Law School Criminal Clinic

Some attorneys and judges, particularly those not focused exclusively on criminal practice, are unaware of Louisiana laws governing identification, diversion, and treatment of people with mental illness or mental retardation. Recognizing the need for training and support in this area, Louisiana Appleseed collaborated with other area organizations to create a Louisiana-focused handbook that serves as a guide for practitioners when representing clients with mental health issues and mental retardation. Louisiana Appleseed will compile, print and deliver the manual. In addition, Appleseed has held free Continuing Legal Education classes on the topic.

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