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Louisiana Appleseed to Honor Goodwin Procter Law Firm at 2023 Good Apple Gala Award Recipients


CONTACT Adrienne Wheeler, 504-910-1965,

JANUARY 18, 20203, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - On January 19, 2023, Louisiana Appleseed will be hosting its 13th Annual Good Apple Gala, an event that will celebrate the work of community members and pro bono volunteers with whom Louisiana Appleseed has worked in the past year. This year’s gala will honor the law firm Goodwin Proctor as Appleseed’s Pro Bono Honorees of the 2023 Good Apple Award.

Pro Bono Honorees have extended themselves above and beyond the typical pro bono commitment to justice. This year's honorees have greatly expanded Appleseed’s network and made significant changes in a particular project. Attorneys Mike Casaburi, Sebastian Iagrossi, Brennan Meier, Sabrina Poulos, and Owen Remeika from the Goodwin Procter firm read about Louisiana Appleseed's need to create an estate planning guide through mutual affiliations with the Law Firm Antiracist Alliance (LFAA). Attorneys at the firm from across the nation then collaborated to draft the first "module" in a multi-part series of estate planning tools.

Appleseed reviewed the final material with a focus group, and was so impressed that their work is now the framework for every training module to come in the Estate Planning Community Guide and train-the-trainer components.

"We often believe that if all we have is a house that we don’t really need to write a will. Subsequently, family wealth is ultimately lost, particularly in communities of color,” said Adrienne Wheeler, Executive Director of Louisiana Appleseed. “Volunteers on this project move the dial forward in engaging communities to retain and grow generational wealth through estate planning.”

Tickets and sponsorship to the 2023 Good Apple Gala can be purchased online at The Good Apple Gala will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, located at 2 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.


Louisiana Appleseed is a statewide nonprofit based in New Orleans, Louisiana that focuses on policy-level solutions by recruiting attorneys to provide free services through a research-oriented approach to policy change. Louisiana Appleseed’s mission is rooted in three pillars dedicated to increasing Access to: Justice, Opportunity, and Education. Learn more at

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